Blogging is ALIVE and More Critical then Ever in 2010, says webpronews

As many of BVF readers know, I am an advocate of using a blog as your main portal or part of a multi-web site strategy to engage the web audience.  I think this article explains why its important to blog and use viral media to capture and contain the social web

"Still, I have seen no shortage of people sharing contenton Facebook or Twitter - content that more often than not comes from blogs. And I'm not just friends with a bunch of bloggers." writes Chris Crum.

If you have attended my workshops, you've learned that at the heard of the blog is the re-syndication plugins for facebook and twitter.  And the writer hear explains why that can be useful

"That may say something about Twitter as a means of producing content, but I still believe that Twitter can be a very powerful tool to create content and news. That has been proven time and time again (the Hudson River plane crash comes to mind). However, there is still plenty of "noise" and just like in real life, most of what people say isn't worth repeating. I will say, however, that most of the retweets I see contain links, and those links very often point to content from blogs. "

With those plugins, your information and opportunities are made available to many more in the vast audience of what i call "MLM socialization"  Here is more of the article

"I think I would go so far as to say that from a business perspective, blogging is probably more critical than it has ever been, and social media is largely responsible. This is not because people are engaging less with social networks. It's because they're engaging more, and social networks open the doors for blog content to find its way to relevant audiences like never before. "

And what is more interesting is the battle between google, facebook, and the new MicroSoft Bing/Yahoo alliance.  And how this can change the discovery method for websites, like yours.  The article continues..

"Look at Facebook's social plugins (including the "like" button). 2 million sites have added Facebook's social plugins since they launched five months ago. "Likes" are now more important to search, as Facebook has made updates so that "liked" news stories appear when people do searches within Facebook. Google is champing at the bit to get this information (and CEO Eric Schmidt thinks they will one way or another). 

Whether or not Google ever does get access to Facebook's data, it's in there to be searched, and much of that comes directly from blogs. Of course Google has no trouble indexing the blog content on its own, it's more about the popularity and relevance of the content at the personal level. Facebook's methods for this are simply another reason to create good content, and there's probably no better or easier means to do so than with a blog. "

 So in final analysis, you are the expert in your business or venture, or idea.  If you don't use the fundamental tools of publishing and social syndication, the social web will miss your information, and the search engines may have a harder time finding that information.  Our basic method of Do-It-Yourself website building can create all the fundamentals needs to get that information to those that are interested in it and will probably act on it.  Good luck!


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