Blogworld and New Media Expo Las Vegas

Here is the list of speakers for the BlogWorld and New Media Expo in Las Vegas 2010.  Social Media Business Summit, presented by BlogWorld & New Media Expo, is the world’s largest Social Media business conference. It’s an exclusive 3-Day track, presented by social media thought leaders and corporate pro’s, empowering your company with the tools to use social media to gain exposure, engage with quality customers and grow your business! Whether you are a small business looking to develop a social media marketing plan, or a corporate marketer needing tips for taking your online marketing strategies to a new level, this conference is for you. Get the “Blueprints for Business at the Speed of NOW” from Amber Naslund of Radian6, master “Digital Crisis Communications” with Scott Monty of Ford and much more
First up.

Scott Stratten
President: UnMarketing

Rohit Bhargava
Ogilvy 360 Digital Influence

Doug Ulman

Keynote Speakers: Friday, October 15th

Topic: The Future of Web Video

Susan Bratton
Co-Founder & CEO, Personal Life Media

Dick Glover
President & CEO, Funny or Die

Jim Louderback
CEO, Revision 3

Keynote Speakers: Saturday, October 16th

Topic: The 7 Harsh Realities of Blogging for Bucks

Darren Rowse
CEO, Problogger

Brian Clark
CEO, Copyblogger

Sonia Simone
Senior Editor, Copyblogger

Closing Keynote Talk Show: Saturday, October 16th

Topic: Closing Keynote Talk Show (Language NSFW)

Rob Barnett
Founder & CEO, My Damn Channel

Adam Carolla
Founder, ACE Broadcasting

Penn Jillette
Penn & Teller, Penn Point Podcast

Cali Lewis
GeekBeat TV

Jeffrey Hayzlett
Author, "The Mirror Test"

We will be attending the show and reporting back on any new insights that can help business owners and branders influence the internet.  For most of our reading audience, this might be way over the top.  This type of show is designed for the publishers and producers of content THAT MAY influence you indirectly.  Your local Restaurant Review Podcaster may be in attendance.  A local blogger that speaks about Wine or Specialty items, etc.  These types of attendees syndicate that content, and although you might not be able to put that time in, the insights and tips or shortcuts may be invaluable.  Consider attending, and get a cheap room at Monte Carlo.  Ultra cheap rooms in Las Vegas are Golden Nugget on Fremont, old downtown.

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