Google Releases Updated SEO Starter Guide posted by Searchnewz

This is a wonderful piece about the new release at google for doing some basic SEO.  Most of this has to do with what you are doing externally to bring attention, traffic, and organic search optimization to your blog.  Here are the bullet points.

- Google equates word-of-mouth buzz with building your website's reputation. (This is new!)

- Linking to spammy sites can hurt your website's reputation (not new, but still worth noting)

- Promote your content effectively (yes, you can self-promote your stuff!)

So lets take each one of them, as they pertain to your website and generating traffic.  Word of mouth buzz has to do when someone else on the web reads your postings and "buzzes" it, retweets it, posts it on Facebook, or just likes the posting.  Again, if you don't have the social plugins on your page to do this, your missing point number 1.

Linking to spammy sites.  That means if you link to original articles and give the original author credit (like we do here) make sure its from a real site with information relevant to your business and subject.  This would be the content you post on your blog posts.  You WANT TO BE careful of others leaving commennts ON YOUR SITE.  Others may sometimes do this to get traffic back to them, but if it IS a spammy site, it will harm you.  So make sure you watch the comments.

Promoting your comment effectively has alot to do with the first point using those social plugins we have already elaborated on before. 

Quoting google "Effectively promoting your new content will lead to faster discovery by those who are interested in the same subject. As with most points covered in this document, taking these recommendations to an extreme could actually harm the reputation of your site."

The author states "So, when you add content to your website, don't be afraid to Tweet on Twitter about it. Or even add it to a few of your favorite social bookmarking websites. It might just help your search engine rankings and search engine optimization. After all, Google says it's okay!"

Just remember, THIS INCLUDE YOUR MEDIA.  the photos and video of your business, the audio from a podcast.   Google is INTERESTED in the page on your blog that information resides on (SEO of page)  and interested in how social that page is getting.  Don't forget to get that video done!  It will make your business or opportunity more socially connected!


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