Local Video Marketing Expert reveals tips for ranking high with video

Dominate Page 1 in Google rankings using these quick tips to make your video stand out!

1)  You must create a high quality video.  Make it short.  Be sure you have high quality audio!  We can help you produce such

2)  Make it relevant to your customers.  Asking existing customers what they like most about your product or service.  And if relevant, offer tips on using your product.

3)  When uploading to youtube, use your city or area name in the title of the video followed by the generic word for your product/service.  "Los Angeles Plumber" etc

Sometimes, it might be best to shoot video and take audio separate.  If you wanted to show a time lapse video of your home improvement business, still photos can show the progress over days in seconds.. and your voice could be narrating the job and talking about the excitement in doing what you love to do as a service.

Showing passion is very important.  Where possible, show the human element.  How much pride does your employees take when baking the fresh bread.  etc.

Behind the scenes footage of what you do can peak the curiosity of others on the web.  You might end up with a client from all the above.  Good luck and let us know if you  have any questions.  Leave a comment below if you want to find out more information.  We offer a free phone consultation.

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