Small Business Mobile Local Search Marketing

Google Maps, Yahoo Local, Yelp, City Search and a host of other resources are offering small business new opportunities to market on the Web to local customers. A new trend in business sometimes called ROBO (research online and buy offline) is changing the nature of shopping and marketing in these competive times. The information below explains how small business can utilize these services (often for free) to showcase their products and services and succeed in a tough marketplace.

Google launched a pilot program where they sent out 100,000 of these window decals to the most popular local businesses listed on their web site. The stickers contain a QR code (short for "Quick Response") so passersby can snap a quick photo of the code and visit the Google Local listing for that company.  There they can find business information and aggregated reviews.

This helps people learn more about the businesses they walk by every day.  They might find a copy shop or a cafĂ©, and be able to see what others think about the place before they buy.  Or, they could save information about a location for later, or share with a friend, by sharing the local search link that comes up in their phone's browser.
Google QR Code Result
Google Local result for QR code.

What does this mean for small businesses?  It means people will be looking up your company more and more on their phones.  Here are two excellent ways to ensure they get the best information they can about you:

   1. Sign up for and update your Google Local Business Center listings to add custom information to your local search listings
, including local coupons.  Use this also to analyze who is searching for your business and where they are located, to aid in your marketing efforts.
   2. Make sure your web site is mobile-optimized.  The best way to do this is to have your web development firm build a mobile stylesheet for your web site.  With a mobile stylesheet, people visiting your site via their phone's browser will see all of the text and images optimized for the small browser.  Mobile web sites are specifically designed to present relevant, location- and time-sensitive information to people seeking you via their phones.

If you need any help with this, check out our friends at for more information

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